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Top 8 Benefits of Professional Certification for Students
Tiffany LardomitaMar 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM3 min read

The Top 8 Benefits of Professional Marketing Certification

Top 8 Reasons To Earn a Certification-1Today’s job landscape commonly features advertisements for specialist roles like Content Marketing Manager, Search Marketing, or Marketing Automation Manager. But where are the corresponding college majors that reflect these new job titles? It's almost like academia can't keep up!

This is one of the reasons why professional certification is proving to be hugely popular; because many certifications are globally recognized, transferrable, and the curriculum can be quickly updated to match the needs of the job market. 

Don’t get us wrong, collegiate degrees are important and you can learn a lot, but when it comes down to the finer details of a broad topic like digital marketing, professional certifications hold a ton of value in the industry. You can deep dive into a subject and begin working in the field in less time than it takes to print a college textbook. To prove it, we’ve pulled together the top 8 benefits of earning a professional certification.

  1. Assurance of Quality
    An external certification means that an individual is accredited by a certification body that is recognized and validated; therefore, helping to improve career progression and salary expectations. In fact, 90% of employers surveyed by CompTIA agree that certified individuals are more likely to be promoted than those without, while 89% feel they perform better than non-certified staff in similar roles.

  2. Transferable Qualifications
    Having a certification that is recognized from industry to industry, as well as from country to country gives graduates the opportunity to move roles to progress their careers. This is particularly important to millennials as job-hopping is common and 4 job changes by the age of 32 is the norm for many.

  3. Boost Salary & Prospects
    With business increasingly going digital, Communication and Marketing Managers have seen their salaries leap by 37% in the past year. This huge increase is due to the growing demand for digital professionals and the war for talent, particularly qualified digital talent, amongst organizations. Such is the demand, roles that use digital are growing 2.5 times more rapidly and offering wages 18% higher than non-digital roles.

  4. Stand Out from the Crowd
    An external certification will enable a job candidate to demonstrate that their skills are validated and of a professional standard. This ensures that candidates are hired for the ‘right’ job that utilizes their skills but also guarantees a level of enjoyment for the individual in that role.

  5. Increased Morale & Job Security
    With many feeling the weight of having to learn new skills and increase their digital capabilities, particularly in the digital age, a certification that enhances knowledge can increase job satisfaction and security.

  6. Proof of Abilities
    A qualification clearly demonstrates a high level of precise skill and gives a potential employer faith and assurance in an individual’s abilities. It also differentiates one employee from another in a competitive environment.

  7. Validation of a Continuous Learning Ethic
    Gaining a certification demonstrates proactivity and motivation to learn and gain new knowledge that will not only benefits them personally but also reaps rewards for a potential employer.

  8. Improved & Increased Knowledge
    A certification ensures an improved level of knowledge in a specialist area. In today’s fast-paced digital world, this is priceless.

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