Facebook's New Reactions & The Impact on Social Marketing

Social MarketingSometimes a 'Like' just doesn't express how you really feel. Maybe you want to say Love or Wow, but without the actual words.  Facebook heard you. The recent launch of the new FB Reactions has social media buzzing. But the impact on marketing may not be what you expect. Our partners at Hubspot tell us all about it.

The new feature serves as an extension of the Like button. Now, instead of only being able to Like a post, Facebook users can choose from six different emotive reactions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

Why the change? As Facebook's product design director Geoff Teehan wrote in a post on Medium, not everything that's shared is meant to be liked. The death of your friend’s dog or an article about an unsavory politician won't just elicit a single emotion in users - -so why limit them to "liking" it?

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