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Janalee SilveyMar 16, 2015 8:14:12 AM2 min read

Affordable HubSpot Partner in Cleveland for Inbound Marketing

Shopping behavior has significantly changed since digital communication was introduced. Gone are the days when general email blasts and random cold calls were the lead generation kings. Today, people no long wait for messages to be brought to them; they are now actively searching for interesting content online to help them make informed purchase decisions. The key to turning prospects into customers and loyalists, therefore, is to be found online by your target audience based upon the information you post that's relevant to them. Technically termed "Inbound Marketing," this modern lead generation tactic takes strategy, organization, and execution.  HubSpot marketing automation software brings all the tools you need together into one centalized "hub" with an easy to use interface and tools to help you execute your inbound plans according to best practices. For Ohio business owners trying to find an affordable Hubspot partner in Cleveland, our services at Front Burner Marketing are here for you.

Higher ROI is the primary reason most of our clients have decided to start integrating inbound marketing into their business strategy. Inbound marketing uses economical lead generation techniques matched with targeting and segmentation data to develop an online presence that promotes trust, while appealing to your prospects’ needs and interests. As a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency, we manage the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software system of mid-sized B2B clients, helping them create awareness, spark interest, and generate more leads for conversion. We do this through a variety of HubSpot applications such as email marketing, keyword optimization, persona development, blogging, landing page creation, and many more.

HubSpot blogger, Ryan Lynch, listed four major components of lead generation through inbound marketing:

  1. Capture. The key here is to give before we ask. Instead of hastily requiring contact information, which most would hesitate to give, hooks such as useful information tidbits and valuable incentive coupons are used to encourage more opt-ins.
  1. Magnets. There’s usually a gap between the traffic generation and lead generation phase. Inbound marketing fills this with magnets such as social media follows, webinars, white papers, ebooks, free trials, and other tools to keep interest.
  1. Landing pages. There’s no good pitch without a good catch. No matter how well you attract traffic, if the landing pages are not properly designed to keep them, then your efforts will merely go to waste.
  1. Scoring. This aims to quantify the interactions that your prospects have with your business. It helps you determine which leads to prioritize by providing you insight on the level of engagement among your potential customers.

We’ve compiled practical lessons to guide you in strengthening your lead generation efforts. In our book “The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas", you can learn more about lead-generating content, the qualities of an effective landing page, instruction on creating irresistible offers, secret website optimization tips, and a lot more. You may download this ebook for free through our website.

Located half way between Cleveland and Akron, you can also find a HubSpot partner in Akron that won't break your budget at