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Kendra MorvilloSep 6, 2023 12:38:48 PM8 min read

Unleash the Power of AI: Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing for Explosive Lead Generation!

Get ready because we’re about to turn up the heat and amp up your marketing game with a dynamic infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! The stage is set for an electrifying partnership that promises to rewrite the rulebook on how we conquer the realms of marketing.  

Don’t think that AI is going to replace the need for creative ideas and strategy from marketers. Imagine a world where AI is your trusty sidekick, amplifying your efforts, and propelling your campaigns to unprecedented heights of success! 

Gone are the days of passive marketing approaches. Today, we're diving headfirst into the AI-enhanced arena, where every strategy, every move, and every tactic is turbocharged for maximum impact. Now let’s embark on a journey through the captivating world of AI-driven inbound marketing – the rocket fuel your campaigns have been craving. 

AI and Marketing: A Power Duo  
AI-powered technology is destined to leave a lasting mark in the world of digital marketing. From futuristic AI tools to cutting-edge innovations, the possibilities are endless. But it's crucial to wield AI thoughtfully by leveraging AI where it shines brightest — and understanding when it's best to let human creativity and experience take the reins. 

A Trailblazer's Guide to AI-Infused Lead Generation 
Let's start with a snapshot of where AI tools stand today. Our relentless experimentation with AI tools at Front Burner Marketing has revealed an exciting truth — these tools are like artistic collaborators awaiting your cues. The secret is that AI tools thrive on the prompts you provide.  

You might need a few attempts to perfect the art of extracting what you desire, and a lot of human intervention, but the rewards and time savings are well worth the effort! One thing for sure is that AI is always evolving and it’s important to stay up-to-speed with the latest changes. Education and experimentation are key.  

Keeping Your Skills Sharp 
That’s why we suggest keeping your skills sharp and taking advantage of webinars and training courses. It’s something we do at Front Burner. Not just to grow our knowledge base and use our newfound skills behind the scenes for clients. We also teach what we learn, and you don’t have to already be a client to take advantage of the training we offer. Front Burner is about Empowering Growth, and that applies to our ongoing education and skill building as well as our clients. 

With this newfound wisdom, let's unleash the AI beast and harness its power to supercharge your lead generation efforts. 

Blogging Beyond Imagination 
Imagine being tasked with creating compelling content and you’ve hit a wall. We all get stuck and need inspiration or some outside perspective to spark new ideas. That’s when it’s time to call upon AI to come up with new ideas. You can utilize your keyword lists to get ideas for blog titles or create an outline once you’ve decided on a topic.  

After choosing a topic, I like to craft a well-thought-out prompt with a few notes or key points to hit. Then I use an AI tool like Jasper or ChatGPT to generate a blog. Then bam! A freshly brewed blog article awaits. 

Hold on a second – are we suggesting you copy and paste AI-generated content onto your platform? Not even close, although a lot of people do just that so keep hold of that skepticism. Trust me. If you fail to put your own spin and expertise in your written content, it can be pretty obvious when it comes to facts, accuracy, and don’t forget genuineness that comes through in the human experience. 

For now, AI blogging magic is invaluable for getting past that blank page, for coming up with topics, crafting outlines and drafting articles. It's a game-changer that slashes time, empowering writers to infuse their magic. More blogs mean more chances to rank high in search and get found. Once you start producing more relevant content, faster, you can watch as readers connect with your business, ultimately enhancing lead generation over time. The more you use AI, the better you’ll get at making it work for you. Practice! 

Content Creation in Overdrive 
AI is your partner in crime for generating tantalizing content ideas and compelling copy for social media posts, E-books, tip guides, whitepapers, websites and more, in addition to blogs. AI-authored e-books and guides might not be perfection incarnate, but they're a swift 75 percent journey towards excellence. Imagine the time and money saved!  

When it comes to social posts and web content, often you know the message that you want to convey but you may get stuck on the same messaging, not knowing how to take it to the next level. How many ways can you rephrase the same pitch? My brain can only pull on my experience, my knowledge. AI can aggregate all of the shared experience and expertise of its data model (which is A LOT – like the internet up until 2021!). 

As your content arsenal multiplies, leads will surge in tandem. It's a simple yet potent equation: more content = more leads. This is a game where AI shines brightest. Embrace this content creation revolution and let AI fuel your journey towards lead generation triumph. 

Magnetic Ad Headlines 
Traditional testing of three or four headlines pales in comparison to AI's magic, conjuring up 20 to 30 options in a flash. Not all will be gold, but the rapid-fire speed of AI's creations surpasses human limits. If you already have a great headline, AI can help you expand upon your great ideas and turn one headline into a full-blown campaign that maintains a consistent and engaging theme.  

In addition to just asking for headline ideas, you can also use AI in reverse to create your headlines. For example, you have a great description of a product and love the final draft, but you’re stuck on a headline. “Hey Jasper, create four headlines that perfectly matches this product description.” Done.  

Are you catching the pattern? Testing drives ad brilliance, and AI's pace outperforms human effort by building upon your ideas. Say hello to smarter ads and a lead generation spectacle. 

CTA Copy Wizardry 
Are you tired of using the same calls-to-action (CTAs)? Your CTAs are in for a turbocharged makeover akin to ad headlines. AI doesn't just stop at one or two CTA options – it floods you with choices. Test them to uncover golden nuggets of conversion. 

Here's a tip: AI might miss the first-person language magic, but that's where human marketer’s insights are needed. As you test, CTAs evolve and in come the leads. 

Website Pages That Wow 
Revamp your website with spellbinding pages courtesy of AI. You might already have great copy, but it needs a refresh, and you may have new keywords to infuse into your messaging. AI is the answer to crafting keyword-optimized, audience-centric, emotionally charged pages. A few prompts, and voila – new website page copy emerges. Then, witness the rise of SEO-optimized pages tailored to your audience, all in record time.  

AI can even lend a hand in image suggestions, user experience improvements, SEO tips, competitive comparisons - saving you time and money and making your toolbox incomparable to those not leveraging AI. These capabilities are only available with certain software and tiered levels of subscriptions so keep that in mind. It might be a part of phase two in your AI journey. 

AI-Driven Backlinks and SEO Mastery 
Step into the world of AI's SEO prowess, a non-content realm that enriches lead generation. Imagine AI guiding you to potential backlink goldmines, elevating your domain authority and driving visitor referrals. Watch your site soar as AI suggests SEO improvements, amplifying rankings and visitor influx. 

Elevate Lead Nurturing with AI 
Lead nurturing steps into the limelight with AI at the helm. Lead nurturing emails, carefully shaped by AI content tools, guide prospects on a personalized path. Your voice blends with AI's finesse, giving a head start to campaigns that signal progress. 

But remember, optimization is a journey. Continuously fine-tune, test, and revel in the AI-driven nurturing magic. 

Seize the AI Advantage – Done is Greater Than Perfect 
In the end, it's about breathing life into strategies. AI isn't a distant dream – it's the reality that's driving your campaigns forward. Embrace AI to transform concepts into palpable results. Sooner than you think, results will skyrocket. 

In this exhilarating AI-driven era, remember done is better than perfect. If you slow down and don’t seize opportunities while they’re there, you can miss out on gaining prospects. Use AI to move your campaigns and marketing ideas and initiative forward, and fast.  

Keep Up the Heat with Your AI Expertise 
Remember keeping up with the latest AI software updates and releases is important as well! Be sure to get the most out of the tools available by learning the ins and outs of their capabilities and how to get the best results. Look for the apps that solve your problems, starting with daily use cases. And don’t sign up for year long subscriptions until you’ve really taken the app out to the streets and given it a real test drive. As fast as AI adoption is growing, there are hundreds of apps flooding the market.  

If you’re still hungry for more, check out our AI Igniter services designed to assess your current digital marketing and content efforts and identify ways you can apply AI.