Building a Better Message with Content Pillars

content marketingContent marketing is here to stay. But, that doesn't mean it will stay the same. Just like the revolving door that is marketing best-practices, content marketing is constantly evolving. The latest and greatest? Content pillars. This a new approach to content generation that starts with something huge and breaks into digestible bites like the content we see daily. Here is a little primer on just what this means. From our partners at Hubspot:

What Is a Pillar Page?

Pillar pages help organize your website and blog content architecture according to the changing ways people are now searching for information.

These unique blog posts or site pages are comprehensive guides to a particular topic you're trying to rank for in search. So, where you might have 20 different blog posts about different aspects of using Instagram in your marketing, a pillar page is an overview guide to all aspects of a particular topic. Then, all of the different blog posts about different aspects of Instagram marketing link back to the pillar page to show readers a route to learn everything they need to know.

By creating pillar pages, you can organize your site architecture to help visitors get answers to their questions and quickly and easily as possible. And that's more important than ever -- because the way people are searching for content is changing.

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How do you determine your content pillar? You need to figure out what your business does. Not what you sell, but the result people get from hiring you. Then use your pillar page to tell your readers about that result and how you get them there.

At Front Burner Marketing, we keep current on the trends driving successful marketing. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that works for your business and your customers, whether it includes content marketing or not.

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