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Noelle NetzbandJan 30, 2024 11:28:11 AM4 min read

Crafting a Positive Company Culture: Front Burner’s Proven Approach

At the heart of every great company lies a culture that nurtures professional growth and fosters a sense of belonging and fulfillment among its team members. It also acts as a magnet to attract and retain top talent. A Glassdoor survey indicated that 77% of prospective employees take a company’s culture into account before applying. A positive culture isn't just good vibes (although that is a major benefit!) it amps up productivity, sparks innovation, and boosts the overall success of the business.  

At Front Burner Marketing, we stand by the belief that a company’s strength lies within its people. Our mission is to nurture an environment where creativity and collaboration flourish, fostering a supportive and healthy workplace. Central to both our success and the well-being of our employees is our dedication to cultivating a positive company culture. Here’s how we achieve that goal: 

1. Clear Core Values 

From day one, we established a set of values that serve as the guiding principle for everything we do.  

  • Create Connections – We value establishing trust and rapport both within our team and with our clients.
  • Do the Right Thing – We consistently uphold the well-being of our clients and our company in every decision.
  • Keep Up the Heat – We approach every client task and project with the urgency and attention it deserves, treating them as top priorities.
  • Empower Growth – We continuously evolve our skillset to benefit us and our clients, growing as individuals while we grow the business.
  • Cultivate Joy – We strive to make our office a fun and uplifting environment.

These values aren’t just words on a wall (although we do literally have them there!). They’re ingrained in our actions, decisions, and interactions with each other and our clients. Our core values have created a foundation for our company culture, influencing how we collaborate, innovate, and exceed expectations, both internally and in our partnerships with clients. They act as our North Star with every decision. 

2. Recognition 

We believe good work should be rewarded! We make it a point to acknowledge when someone has done something awesome. One way we achieve this is through Bonusly, a recognition and reward platform. It allows us to shout out team members who embody our core values in their work. Accumulated points can be exchanged for real-life rewards. This motivates our team to strive for excellence and ensures their efforts don’t go unnoticed. 

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Each Monday, we review a word cloud that populates the leading topics from the previous week’s shoutouts. This is a fun and visual way to take the pulse of the organization, recapping the week’s accomplishments laughing about funny moments, and shining a light on how we support one another. 

3. Open Communication 

Open dialogue and transparency are encouraged across all levels of Front Burner Marketing. This builds trust, ensures everyone feels heard, and amplifies collaboration. We prioritize regular one-on-one meetings with all our employees to gauge how they’re handling their workload and come to understand how we can best support them. Embracing open communication also comes with openly challenging processes and behavior that might require improvement in the moment. Working with our team and providing constructive feedback is an integral part of the learning and growth of our company. 

4. Emphasis on Work-Life Balance 

We understand and respect that our team has a life and family outside the office. A healthy work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being and productivity. Flexible hours, work-from-home options, and ample PTO days are some of the ways we support our team in achieving this balance. Given this flexibility, our team thrives in both their personal and professional lives, which fosters a positive mindset in our work environment. 

5. Continuous Learning 

The world of marketing is ever-changing. In order to keep up, we’re committed to the growth of our employees. As a part of this commitment, we allocate 50 hours of paid training to each employee every year. Investing in certification courses, expanding our company library, and participating in workshops enables our team to continuously learn and evolve their skillset. Building the skills of our team members bolsters the agency as much as the individuals. 

The Spark of Front Burner 

By prioritizing our team’s well-being and professional development, we’ve created a work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to excel. We firmly believe that when our team thrives, so does our work. Our commitment to nurturing a positive company culture isn’t just strategy; it’s the spark that lights the flame of Front Burner Marketing. 

Becoming a Marketing Rockstar 

Want to stay connected and learn more about Front Burner’s culture? Apply to our Marketing Rockstar program! This exclusive program is for professional marketers who are actually HAPPY with their current job, but like our vibe and want to leave the door open to potentially working here one day. It's a very low obligation – mostly just a way to stay in touch.  

Those who we feel are a good fit will be given early access to open positions within the company, receive quarterly updates on what’s new at Front Burner Marketing, and can meet and mingle with our team through our low-key Rockstar Socials. Click here to apply today! 

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