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Janalee SilveyNov 1, 2023 9:33:00 AM3 min read

How We Live Our Core Values in the Daily Grind

FBM Testimonials for social  (1)If you've seen our blog on "Life at Front Burner Marketing," you've already caught a glimpse of our enthusiasm for working in a "Good Vibes ONLY" atmosphere!

But our Good Vibes attitude doesn’t stand alone – we work very purposely to ensure it’s supported by the core values we live by every day. We're not just about having core values posted on the wall for all to see (and yes, okay, they are in fact on our wall, lol!). 

They’re actually infused into every aspect of what we do, from the way we interact within our incredible team to our commitment to delivering top-notch service to our clients. We embrace our Core Values wholeheartedly in our hiring process, our employee performance reviews, the morning team “Huddle” meetings, rewards team members give one another, and even in our billing process. 

Keep Up the Heat  
This is truly a “Core” Value, since it’s the phrase that reflects the spirit of what we named our company. Hearing “My marketing needs to be on the back burner...” so often from overworked business owners and marketing professionals, our founder decided it would be a fun idea to name the company “Front Burner,” so they could finally move their hot projects to the Front Burner. Get it - ?

So you'll hear us talk about Keeping Up the Heat a lot. We treat every task and project as being a hot priority because we know that every client wants to see things moving forward and no one wants to wait for their marketing efforts to start generating leads. Keeping Up the Heat sometimes requires all hands-on deck and total involvement, getting past roadblocks and figuring out a way when the first try just wouldn’t work. Quick thinking, dedication and an appreciation of each other's efforts are never optional 

Creating Connections 
Our team doesn’t just get the work done. We have a fun time doing it too. That’s because we value communication with humor and emotional intelligence, both among our fantastic team and when connecting with our awesome clients.  

We build connections that stretch far beyond business transactions and create long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We rely on one another, support each other, and lend a hand whenever it's needed.  

A Cultivating Joy  
That trust we establish makes working together a good time. Our approach is all about being friendly and open. When we work together, we Cultivate Joy. That means more than just getting along and being content. We get excited, celebrate wins, and cheer each other on. Weddings and new babies are celebrated, quarterly meetings might involve some shenanigans, and work anniversaries are rewarded. But while we may let the Gif’s fly in good-humored MS Teams chats, ultimately our greatest joy comes from making our clients happy, driving long-term, profitable growth for them to enjoy. There’s nothing like the feeling of happiness when you know you made someone’s day! 
Empowering Growth 
A big part of what we do here involves digital marketing training to empower business owners and marketers who want to grow their skill level, so our staff is challenged to always be learning to stay up on the newest opportunities and technologies in marketing. This fuels our ability to grow clients’ businesses and our own agency. We work in partnership with our clients, sharing our expertise to support their goals and help them make confident business decisions based on sound marketing strategies. We truly Empower Growth for ourselves as individuals, for our agency, and for our clients. 

Do the Right Thing  
At the heart of everything we do, there's one golden rule. Do the Right Thing (even when it’s hard)! We're on a mission to make choices that not only benefit our amazing clients but also propel our company forward. Sometimes the best thing to do is challenging and requires you to go above and beyond. But we get it done. How do we do it? With positive thinking, clear communication, transparency and most of all, with respect.  

From empowering growth to cultivating joy, we are dedicated to keeping up the heat and creating connections that make a real impact on our clients' success. Our core values and passionate team make every day an exciting journey filled with creativity, collaboration, and, most importantly, results. 

Does this sound like your style? If you have an interest in one day joining our team, follow us on our socials and look for the #MarketingRockstar posts. We always like to get to know like-minded professionals. We’ll stay in touch so when the time is right, we can talk about working together!