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Janalee SilveyDec 15, 2015 4:58:27 AM2 min read

Find a HubSpot Partner for an Effective Blog That Attracts More Leads

If you're a business in Cleveland or nearby Akron, OH and want to attract more leads through your website, then read on. One of the cost effective marketing and high-ROI yielding strategies you can use is blogging. To execute an effective blog that attracts targeted leads and builds customer loyalty, you have to blog frequently and consistently.


Before we delve into the critical blogging keys of frequency and consistency, it's important to mention what HubSpot actually is and how it can help you ramp up your inbound marketing plan quickly. HubSpot is a marketing automation software platform that brings all the tools you need for your inbound marketing into one control center or "Hub." Although HubSpot leverages all elements of your digital footprint, such as social media, email, landing pages, content offers and lead capture forms, blogging is a big part of most digital marketing strategies and HubSpot is an excellent tool for blogging. If you find a Hubspot partner in Cleveland, setting up your blog for success is fast and simple.

How Often Should You Blog?

According to HubSpot, the key to an effective blog is creating great content your prospects will love. The number of posts made a month and the total number of posts you make with this great content then is how you leverage it to drive the most leads. HubSpot analyzed 13,000 blogs and found that businesses blogging 16+ times a month received 3x as much traffic and 4.5x the leads of blogs posting just 0-4 times a month. They also found that as much as 90% of a business's leads come from older posts that continue to work long after originally published. Blogs with 401+ total posts got twice as much traffic and 3x as many leads as blogs with 0-400 posts.

How an Editorial Calendar Will Help You Stay On Track

The best way to make sure you're posting relevant content consistently is to use an editorial calendar. More than just plugging titles on dates, your production schedule should address three key areas: buyer persona, engagement cycle, and channels used. In other words, when planning content, think about the mindset of your reader, their position in the buying cycle (are they just beginning to investigate the problem, or are they already knowledgeable and ready to buy), and how you're going to reach them (i.e. blog, email, social media, etc.).

Keep it simple by using a spreadsheet with columns such as "content headline," "buyer persona," and "due date." You'll find this makes brainstorming content that attracts more readers, leads and customers much easier.

Frequency and consistency are critical if you want to systematically attract more leads and customers in Cleveland. Also, consider expanding your reach even faster by finding a Hubspot partner in Akron, Cleveland, or Northeast Ohio.


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