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Janalee SilveyDec 10, 2015 5:53:50 AM2 min read

Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

By now, you know that social media should be a part of your overall Akron marketing strategy on some level. Yet this doesn't mean that you need to be present on every platform in order to connect with your intended audience.

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Effective Message Delivery

Think about how you can most effectively get your message out when you're choosing your platforms. Communicating in the way your audience will be most receptive is more important than choosing a platform just because "everybody" is using it. If you can't deliver an effective message in limited character messages, skip Twitter. If your products and services are more visual, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram may serve you well.

Finding a Fit for Your Audience

While Facebook is the king of all social platforms, you may be able to better reach your target audience with Google+ or LinkedIn. Dive into your demographics to determine what platforms your primary customers are most likely to use to get information about what you have to offer. If you're going for younger customers, for instance, Instagram and Facebook tend to be best. Foursquare and Reddit appeal more to older consumers, and LinkedIn is best for BtoB audiences.

What Your Competitors Are Doing Socially

While there's something to be said for carving a niche for your business, it's also wise to keep tabs on the competition. Your social media efforts don't have to be solely based on where your competitors already have a foothold, but you could be missing potential customers who may be interested to learn about the alternatives you offer if they were to see your messages on the same social media outlet.

Opting for Quality Over Quantity

Determine how many platforms you, or your employees, can realistically manage since a lack of fresh content can quickly drive customers away. Managing a few social networks really well is going to be more beneficial for your business than a bunch of incomplete profiles and hardly used social sites.

Ultimately, any social media platforms you choose for your business are going to require regular engagement, fresh content, and careful tracking of which social pages are driving more traffic your way. If it's in the budget and you don't have the time to engage with customers socially, consider working with an inbound marketing firm in Akron to streamline your efforts and optimize your content for better ranking on search engines.


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