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Janalee SilveyMay 25, 2021 9:51:21 AM4 min read

How to Generate Leads and Sales Through Video

bigstock-Display-Of-Camera-Recording-Vi-362654494According to the latest 2021 findings on the state of digital video marketing, a whopping 86% of businesses use this highly interactive medium as one of their marketing tools. What's more, 93% of companies swear that video is one of their important methods for acquiring and engaging with their customers. Needless to say, video has become a crucially important part of digital marketing in 2021, and the trend has been growing rapidly for several years.

Video Marketing is Easy and Affordable

Even if you're working with a tight budget, the free or extremely affordable video creation and editing tools available today make digital marketing campaigns in this medium easier and much less expensive than before.

You can shoot usable graphics-laced webinars, spot videos, instruction guides, product demonstrations and customer testimonial videos among others by creating them yourself. However, if you want a product that really looks great, video marketing professionals who can handle your campaigns for you are a much more powerful option.

Why Video Matters So Much

Humans are instinctively visual creatures that process dynamic imagery much better than text. This is what has made video so effective almost since its very inception decades ago and it's what has kept it growing in the digital marketing age. The only thing that had to catch up for small and mid-size businesses was widely accessible professional production technology.

Now that the technology is here, your business can use video in many powerful ways:

1. Understand your audience and build empathy with them

Because video is so powerfully visual, it enables you to create empathy with your audience in ways that aren't nearly so easy with text. If you can create funny, captivating narratives--not just about the dry details of what your business offers but also about the human existence of you and the other people behind it--you can then target your audience's empathy powerfully. People love a good story from someone that they sympathize with, and when this aligns with their own interests, its impact becomes exceptionally powerful. If your videos can deliver this smoothly, they will create positively viral levels of audience loyalty.

This is the single most important part of video marketing simply because understanding your audience deeply lets you sell to their specific needs and pain points.

2. Create gated videos that people want to watch

Gating your videos means offering them something they desire in exchange for something that you want from a potential customer. For the most part, this will be contact information for further engagement. Of course, in order for clients to want your video enough to give you these things, they need to first gain something urgently useful from it. This is why gated videos almost always need to be rich in actionable information and specific tips for the audience in your niche. The leads your viewers give you will let you create much more targeted and authoritative sales campaigns. One caveat on gating: Introductory landing page videos for first-time visitors can include an email or contact request, but they should also be as easily and immediately accessible as possible for rapid newcomer engagement.

3. Place your videos front and center on a landing page

Landing pages are the doorways to your core inbound marketing and sales machine, and this makes them extremely important for customer engagement. Because video is such a powerful medium for dynamic persuasion, having a webinar, information video or a basic introduction spot on your landing page will powerfully persuade viewers to engage with you. The videos you place on a landing page don't need to be long or complicated, but they should effectively convince your audience that you have value to offer in exchange for them buying from you or giving you their contact information.

4. Make sure your videos always have a CTA

A CTA is a call to action, and every video you produce at any level of your marketing funnel should have one. For landing page videos and social media marketing spots, your CTA should be a request that viewers visit your website, explore a specific offering or that they give you their email address. For webinars and testimonial videos, you should offer something else, with more value, in the form of an overt sales pitch. And even in video content that your audience has already paid to access (if you're selling training and video information courses for example), there should ideally be a call to action on paid signups that deliver even more value. Overt CTAs heavily favor higher rates of sales.

5. Use video with social media to your advantage

Social media is one of the most dominant landscapes in today's internet and it can't be ignored. Over 53% of the world's population is active on some sort of social platform and well over half of these viewers are using it to browse for products and services that they want. When it comes to Facebook users in particular, more than half of the 1.84 billion people actively using the social networking giant search for videos. What does this mean for you? That your social media presence should absolutely also include lead marketing and free information offers with videos.

Getting Help

Video marketing can seem complicated because it requires not just marketing skills but also production quality and the usual need for well-presented content. However, you can speed your own video creation along enormously with professional assistance from experts who know how to put your campaign together right from day one. Contact Front Burner Marketing to get your own high-powered video campaigns off the ground immediately.

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