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Janalee SilveySep 10, 2018 10:09:48 AM2 min read

Optimizing Content for Voice Search Through Featured Snippets

ok-googSmartphones put the information we need at our fingertips, and have eliminated many uncertainties in our everyday lives. Gone are the days of showing up at a restaurant only to find out it’s closed because if you wanted to know the hours, then you’d just Google it. However, the way people search on Google is changing. With technologies like Siri and Alexa, voice searches have grown in popularity. If you’re in the car wondering if the Indian restaurant down the street is open for lunch, then you’d probably use your smartphone’s voice inquiry feature to check the hours verbally, rather than typing it out in the search bar while driving. This has added a whole new dimension to search engine optimization, and Google has a search tool exactly for this purpose. Featured snippets highlight content at the top of the search results page, and rank above content even in the #1 spot. Featured snippets appear for voice searches, as well as searches on mobile, so optimizing your content this way is a sure fire way to get found quicker than your competitors. Here’s what you need to know about featured snippets, and how to use them:

More people are making their voices heard when they need to search for something. They’re ditching their keyboards for the convenience of “OK, Google.”

For brands, this raises an important question: How do you become the default answer for a voice search query?

You know the recent buzz around “featured snippets” – the boxes that appear at the top of some Google search result pages, providing a brief answer that, brands hope, leads the user to click for more detail.

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As people change the way they search for information, it’s important to change your marketing tactics to reflect it. Keeping your content optimized, and ranking on the first page of Google searches is an ongoing effort. Creating original content will help drive organic search traffic, but only if users are easily able to find it. Featured snippets make the content stand out, and it’s the first thing a user will see, so odds are they’ll go to you for the answer. If your business needs help getting started with SEO and featured snippets, contact a marketing agency for support. At Front Burner Marketing we specialize in SEO, and are here to help your content thrive on Google.

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