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Janalee SilveyJun 22, 2018 3:29:02 PM1 min read

Disadvantages of Sending Marketing Emails Through a Personal Account

emailIt may seem more intimate to send marketing emails via personal email, but in most cases it's not practical. For large business there are far too many contacts, and although small businesses may be able to manage marketing emails through servers like Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook, there are many reasons to use an email service instead. Here is a list of features you're missing out on by using your personal email:

1. You’re not prepared to send bulk emails

Many email accounts and most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the number of emails that you can send at one time. This means that as your email database grows, you could run into more and more problems with getting your emails delivered.

Email providers like Constant Contact work diligently to maintain strong relationships with ISPs and establish reputations for sending permission-based emails.  As a result, our customers see more of their emails delivered to their recipients’ inboxes, and less emails in the spam folder.

2. You’re putting relationships at risk

When someone joins your email list, they trust you to protect their information. They also trust that you’ll respect their privacy and give them the option to opt-out.

But as hard as you try to fulfill these obligations to your audience, when sending email using Outlook or another email account, mistakes can happen. Perhaps the biggest mistake is exposing your entire list in the To: line of your email.

Another mistake is failing to offer an easy way to unsubscribe. This can not only damage your reputation as a business, but can also put you at risk of violating email laws, which require an unsubscribe link in every message you send out.

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If your business continues to use personal email servers for marketing emails, it's time to make a change. Services like MailChimp are free up to a 1000 subscribers, so even if you're a small business looking to save some cash there are ways to get the features you need without breaking the bank. At Front Burner Marketing, we stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and best practices. If you're looking for help with marketing emails or other marketing activities, contact our office to see how we can provide unique solutions for your business.

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