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Janalee SilveyApr 8, 2016 6:30:14 AM1 min read

13 Fresh Ideas to Inspire Your Email Marketing

bigstock-young-woman-yawning-in-front-o-77246150-300x200According to a recent study by Radicati, the average consumer sends and receives 93 emails per day. Do your emails stand out among all the noise? Or are your campaigns looking stale? Maybe it's time to breathe some new life into your communications. Try using bold colors as a background instead of plain white, or adding engaging imagery.

Our partners at Hubspot have provided us with a little inspiration to spark some new creative juices. Here are 13 examples of fresh, energizing emails from brands you know.

1) Collaborative Fund

In design, red and yellow serve as powerful color choices. While red is known to convey power or passion, yellow is often considered both bright and energizing.

Although many companies use a big block of color at the top of their newsletters to draw people in, the folks at Collaborative Fund took it a few steps further by combining red and yellow bursts of color throughout the whole email. Pretty powerful, right?

Color aside, they leveraged clean divides to separate these blocks, while incorporating different textures -- like that crumpled paper -- to create a really compelling experience.


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