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Janalee SilveyJan 18, 2019 4:46:19 PM1 min read

6 Tips to Maximize Your Email Marketing Efforts

bigstock-Closeup-Portrait-Young-Shocked-235123747-300x200More than 20 years ago email became a mainstream form of communication, and today it's more integrated in our lives than ever. The average person receives upward of 90 emails per day, many of which are marketing emails. In a sea of inundated inboxes, it can be difficult to craft a marketing email that will grab your audience's attention. Here are 6 tips to maximize email marketing efforts so your messages get seen.

1. A simpler design

The first big change is design-related as a lot of marketers want to switch from visually rich newsletters and messages to the plain textual content. Content creators at the cheap writing services say that heavy imagery burdens emails up to the point where many users don’t want to open it: “In such circumstances, a majority of marketers feel like going back to the good old textual content, crafting emails the way they are supposed to be – digital forms of traditional letters.”

2. More segmentation

You probably know already that segmentation strongly impacts the overall success rate of email marketing campaigns, but it’s simply impossible to overestimate this tactic. In 2019, segmentation will take another leap forward to become even more personalized, providing users with tailored content that perfectly matches their personal needs.

You should use data analytics and approach each subscriber with due diligence, making sure that your messages resonate with the previous interactions this person had with your company. While classic segmentation divides users into specific groups, the new model is going even further by treating each receiver separately.

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In a world that over communicates, it can become difficult to be heard. With the tips above, your eye-catching emails will generate higher open and click through rates, thus driving more traffic to your site. At Front Burner Marketing we handle the complete process of drafting and launching email marketing campaigns. From content creation to analyzing performance, we've got you covered. To learn how we can help with email campaigns and other marketing activities, contact us through the link below.

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