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Janalee SilveyDec 21, 2018 3:35:42 PM1 min read

How YouTube Ads Are Outperforming Those on Facebook

bigstock-Curly-Dark-haired-Girl-Watchin-263478349-300x200YouTube took a big hit 2017 when ads were running in content that was considered to be extreme and/or graphic. At that point, many advertisers pulled their funds from YouTube and reallocated them to Facebook video ads. Facebook then experienced a controversy of its own with the Cambridge Analytica data breach, which certainly led to distrust among both advertisers and Facebook users. In the aftermath of all this, which video ads have proven to be more successful - Facebook or YouTube? Experts say YouTube actually provides more value, here's why: 

When considering the difference between using ads on Facebook versus on YouTube, it can be helpful to know what the benefits are of each right now.

Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu sits down with John Crestani of Welearn to talk about the nuances of the ad platforms. For one, YouTube ads are perceived to be more trusted, and Crestani considers YouTube as the venue that makes it easier to reach people.

Facebook, on the other hand, is extremely saturated with both ads and content, which makes it difficult to reach potential customers and receptive people in general. Moreover, Crestani notes the company is known to change the format of its website constantly.

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When comparing the performance of video ads on Facebook and YouTube it's important to consider each platform's definition of a "view". Facebook marks a video ad as viewed after just 3 seconds. Meanwhile, YouTube only counts ad views longer than 30 seconds, or if the ad is less than 30 seconds long, the entire ad must be viewed in order to count. In spite of YouTube's higher standard of views, they still tend to get more impressions and higher click through rates. Knowing that, it's easy see why YouTube ads have been able to outperform those on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook has been wildly popular since its inception and they have provided great value for advertisers, however when it comes to video, YouTube is still king.