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Janalee SilveyDec 18, 2018 4:31:55 PM1 min read

B2B Marketing Trends for 2019

bigstock-Handwriting-Text-Writing-Marke-249189334-300x2002019 is right around the corner, and marketers are beginning to gather last year's reports to create plans for the year to come. While the highs and lows of the past year's strategy will certainly shape 2019 marketing efforts, knowing the most anticipated trends will also play a role in developing a marketing plan for the New Year. Here are the top B2B marketing trends to expect in 2019:

When is voice search finally going to take over? When do we start auto-generating blog posts? Are we still living in the age of influencer marketing?

It’s not going to be 2019.

But we can elucidate on the B2B marketing trends that are not only underway but will grow more impactful in 2019 and beyond.

A snapshot of B2B marketing spend
CMI’s latest benchmark report indicates spending on content marketing is expected to rise. Just 4 percent of B2B marketers will actually decrease their content marketing budget in 2019, while about one-third intend to keep their spending levels static.

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2019 bodes a lot of opportunity for marketers. The hottest trends of years past like influencer marketing will likely make their way onto marketing plans this year, but there are new technologies and ideas to consider as well. Between last year's marketing reports and this year's trends, organizations will be able to craft a well-rounded marketing plan to meet all their needs in 2019. At Front Burner Marketing we keep up with the latest marketing trends, and have deep experience in creating custom marketing plans for our clients. Find us on DesignRush or contact us through the link below!

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