Digital Marketing Tips for Legal Professionals

digital marketingLaw is a tough business. There is a lot of competition and a lot of noise to cut through in order to lead clients to you. It's particularly tricky to market as a lawyer because you have to be in compliance of the bar rules for attorney advertising. But, even with its challenges, marketing your firm is necessary and doable. Here are some tips on setting yourself apart from all the others in the digital arena. 

1. Run Highly Targeted Local Facebook Ads

Social media is thriving, and it’s no longer just for kids. More adults are becoming increasingly active on social media, especially Facebook, the largest network. With more than 2 billion monthly users, half of which login daily, it gives lawyers the ability to market their firm’s services directly to a local pool of consumers.

Facebook’s most attractive feature, beyond its number of users, is the targeting options they give advertisers. It’s the most in-depth targeting available, allowing lawyers to place advertisements in front of local users that might be in need of the services they offer, either presently or down the road.

“With Facebook ads, it’s important to run campaigns designed to generate immediate leads, as well as campaigns to build firm awareness within your local market. Lead generation ads are straight to the point, but branding campaigns need to have a memorable component to them. When you are memorable, you will see referrals come your way,” said John Fitch, Founder of The Fitch Law Firm.

2. Run Keyword-Focused Google AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords is something that no law firm can ignore. The majority of people turn to Google when they have a legal question or need immediate help. It can help you attract highly qualified potential clients, but only if your campaigns are properly optimized.

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