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Janalee SilveyApr 11, 2019 5:45:24 AM1 min read

It's All About the Emotional Connection

bigstock-Red-Heart-Held-By-Female-s-Bot-270371758-300x200Gone are the days when just providing fantastic products or services with excellent customer service would be enough to ensure brand loyalty. Today, at the heart of creating a meaningful relationship with customers, it’s all about the emotional connection. Smaller businesses understand this and always have. They don’t have the reach that big brands do, so they start with one-to-one relationships, creating a solid foundation built upon trust and authenticity.

One of the top ways to create this bond is by creating a personalized experience for your customers.

No one wants to be in a relationship where they constantly give with nothing in return. Businesses must use the data they collect from consumers to offer something relevant back to them. Did you discover a consumer is a fitness buff? Deliver a piece of content tailored to healthy living. Do you know your consumers’ geographic location? Invite them to a local event or ask if they’d be open to participating in one in the future. Find some consumers with graphic design talents? Ask them to give input on some new packaging concepts.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your consumers that go beyond traditional marketing targeting segments like age, gender, HHI. Figure out who consumers are as people and you will be far more powerful and effective at getting their attention. Data can be collected via surveys, polls or profile capture. Just don’t sit on the data once you receive it. Personalized experiences make the consumer feel invested in the brand and as if they’re a part of its mission.

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Building customer loyalty is harder than it once was—there’s so much out in the market to compete with. But if you can show your customers that you care and are really listening to them, you can create an emotional connection, ensuring their loyalty.

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