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women owned small business owner Janalee Silvey
Valerie KliskeyOct 16, 2020 9:05:00 AM1 min read

October is National Women’s Small Business Month!

image-png-Oct-15-2020-08-42-39-47-PMOctober is the month we celebrate women-owned businesses and the outstanding progress female entrepreneurs have made over the years. Check out these 2020 statistics from fundera about women-owned businesses today:

The US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses.

40% of US businesses are women-owned.

Women-owned business generate $1.8 trillion annually

As we celebrate women owned businesses, we’d like to give kudos to our own Janalee Silvey. She earned a BS degree from Miami University with majors in Finance and Business Economics and, after years of experience in corporate America, Jan completed her MBA with a Marketing Concentration from Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management graduating first in her class, winning the Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement.


She earned respect as a top-notch professional marketer with companies including Rubbermaid, Bath and Body Works, and Nestle, applying her skills in Management level roles responsible for guiding marketing communication strategy, tactical execution, agency leadership, market research, product development and launch, and sales support for some of the most recognizable brands in America and abroad.

Always wanting to build a business of her own, Jan started Front Burner Marketing, LLC as a means to use her skill set to help businesses of all sizes generate leads and increase their revenue by taking advantage of an appropriate blend of traditional marketing strategies and proven cutting edge trends.

In 2018, Jan completed Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program, which helps unlock the growth and job-creation potential of small business owners, providing businesses with practical business and management education, business support services and access to capital.

Jan has employed only women (although not by design) since 2002, particularly finding the hidden value in women who have held positions of substantial responsibility in marketing and communications roles who are stepping back into the workplace. She is selective about the organization’s client base, ensuring that an atmosphere of mutual respect, commitment, hard work, frequent and pleasant communication, and – importantly – humor, remains the reason we all love to go to work every morning!

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