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Janalee SilveyNov 4, 2016 5:50:15 PM2 min read

Rock the Vote: Use Surveys in Your Content Marketing

bigstock-Hand-putting-voting-paper-in-t-128723915-300x281With the election on the horizon, our minds are on voting and the power behind it. When you're given a ballot, you're given an opportunity to influence an outcome and say, "I WANT MY OPINION HEARD!" It's a feeling of power, like you contributed and made an impact on the future. So how can we tap in to that for our content?

Give the power to your people. Using surveys can be a truly valuable marketing tool if they're done right. You need to ask the right questions to gain the most valuable and actionable insights.

Here are 3 tips from the Content Marketing Institute on how to get the most of your survey.

1. Don’t ask people what they would or will do: If you ask questions about what people would or will do, you won’t get reliable answers. Asking someone whether they will buy a product and someone actually buying it are two different things. Instead, ask people what they did, what they decided, or what they planned.

Even though questions starting with “Would you recommend…” are popular, I’m not crazy about their reliability. Instead, I prefer the question, “Did you recommend…” It’s easy to say you would do something; it takes more effort and commitment to actually do it.

2. Don’t ask lots of open-ended questions: To ensure your survey gives you quantitative data, stick to closed questions, such as multiple choice or matching questions, where you can set some parameters for response. For example, instead of asking “What do you think of our digital magazine?” ask questions such as “Which statement most closely matches your impression of our digital magazine?” and provide answer options.

Want to read the third tip? Check out the full post here.

There are so many kinds of content and so many ways to deliver it, but you need the right mix that's perfect for your brand. Surveys and other tools can help you assess how you're doing. If you think you just don't have the expertise it takes to execute a successful survey, or any other form of content, contact the experts at Front Burner Marketing. We'll use our extensive experience in all forms of content to get you the votes, er I mean visitors you need to get your company in the position you want!

If you'd like to learn a little bit about marketing on your own, check out our downloadable presentation 25 Website Must Haves, below.

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