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Janalee SilveyFeb 8, 2019 3:57:20 PM2 min read

The Hottest Ads of Super Bowl LIII

bigstock-Atlanta-Georgia-January-279783403-300x180-1Viewership of the underwhelming championship game between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl LIII was down 7%. Although, it's the commercials rather than the game that many tune in to see, and participating advertisers spent a whopping $5.25 million per 30 second spot this year. Many companies spent additional millions to market their Super Bowl ads in the weeks leading up to the game, and to the disappointment of big spenders, viewers were almost as dissatisfied with the commercials as they were with the game itself. Here's a recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly Super Bowl ads of 2019. 

There were a few dominant players and wowing moments, like a gruesome "Game of Thrones" tie-up, but a lack of edge made the commercial breaks almost as bland as the sluggish on-field action.

The New England Patriots may have pulled off a late-game rally to best the Los Angeles Rams for Super Bowl LIII and win their sixth championship in 18 seasons, but viewers looking for clear-cut brand winners likely struggled to come up with strong picks. For a big game that's broadly been deemed one of the most boring in recent memory, if not ever — and marks the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history, and one that hit a 10-year ratings low — there was no "It's a Tide ad" touchdown moment that immediately captured fan interest and laughs for the off-the-field action.

"Unfortunately, we were served a body of work that was generally disappointing, replete with '90s celebs, hyperbole and gimmicks over stories," Michelle Edelman, chief strategy officer at Peter Mayer Advertising, New Orleans, commented to Marketing Dive.

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While there was a solid mix of fan favorites and flops among the Super Bowl ads this year, star power remained strong across the board. Viewers were able to catch their favorite celebrities such as Cardi B, Steve Carell, Chance the Rapper, Jason Bateman, Serena Williams, and more on the big screen. The trend of celebrity appearances in Super Bowl commercials is not new, but fans never fail to boast excitement for brands that include their beloved singers, actors, rappers, and athletes. Despite these celebrity appearances there was still an overarching sense of apathy for 2019 Super Bowl commercials, yet advertising prices are only expected to increase next year. Many marketers are interested to see if big brands are willing to take more risk for higher rewards in their Super Bowl LIV ads, but only time will tell.