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2021 marketing
Janalee SilveyJul 8, 2021 12:28:46 PM2 min read

The State of Marketing in 2021

FBM Blog 7.1-1What is the state of marketing today? After the crazy year that was 2020, it can be difficult to assess trends and patterns in marketing strategies and develop successful goals for 2021. So what's a marketer to do? How can a business owner confidently know how to proceed with a marketing strategy in this post-COVID world?

HubSpot’s annual State of Marketing report is now available and is an incredible resource. After surveying over 1,500 marketers from around the world, HubSpot took their findings and assembled this report that is full of helpful insights and predictions for 2021. It shows readers where marketing is headed, and therefore can help guide marketing strategies down paths that make sense. It can also help in creating realistic and obtainable goals.

One of the biggest takeaways is that marketing priorities and strategies are changing. The old way of doing things isn't going to work anymore.

“The only way to have lasting success is to keep up with changes and master the channels that matter.” --David Fallarme, Asia Head of Marketing at HubSpot 

This report from HubSpot breaks it down, going through all the different marketing categories, creating benchmarks for marketers to follow as they develop campaigns and strategies for the year. 

"In 2021, marketing strategy is changing. The number one way that companies are approaching marketing is social media, suggesting that personalized marketing and conversational marketing is the preferred approach. A rising goal is brand awareness — it’s the #3 overall marketing priority and the primary reason companies are running campaigns, narrowly surpassing sales as a goal." --Yamini Rangan, Chief Customer Officer with HubSpot

Social media and video are topping the list as to channels to focus on, and it's clear that all of those days spent in lockdown and keeping social distant definitely played a part. According to this report:

  • Social media is the #1 channel used in marketing in 2021.
  • 8 in 10 companies are investing in social media marketing in 2021, up from 39% last year.
  • In 2021, the primary tactic for social media marketing is social listening. By establishing a direct relationship with your social media audience, you’ll learn exactly how to support, engage with, and convert them into loyal brand advocates.
To download the full report from HubSpot, click HERE.

After reviewing this report, you'll find there are a number of huge takeaways that hopefully will inspire your marketing strategies for 2021. Front Burner Marketing can help deliver on your strategy, or if after reading the report you're unsure which strategy makes the most sense for your business, we can help you develop a successful plan as well as implement it. Reply to us below or give us a call at 440-829-8831!