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Janalee SilveyMar 25, 2016 7:30:24 AM1 min read

Video Killed the Radio Star... Again. Mobile Video Proves It

bigstock-Young-Friends-Using-Mobile-Pho-109299077-300x200A picture is worth a thousand words. Whoever wrote that, would be blown away by how many words a video is worth. Combined with increased mobile device use, videos value to marketer's continues to skyrocket. There has been a 2084% increase in mobile video plays in the last 5 years, and most of that comes from Millenials. A fascinating article from tells us more:

Ooyala calls the Millennial generation the "Cord-nevers....the mobile-first generation", and states that they are a "distinctly global generation, sharing more similarities than generations before them, and they’re driving us to a digital homogeneity that is distinctly mobile.”

For example, Millennials are significantly changing engagement patterns by device and long-form video:

  • For the second quarter in a row, 69% of all videos watched on smartphones were under 10 minutes long. On the flip side, that means that nearly one-third of smartphone videos watched were longer than 10 minutes — Millennials are at it again.
  • Larger screens continue to get the lion’s share of video views for content over 10 minutes long, with that format making up 74% of all video watched on connected TVs (CTV) in the fourth quarter.
  • Tablet use for content 10–30 minutes in length grew for the third consecutive quarter to 21%, the most of any device for content of that length, indicating that the devices remain a favorite of users watching episodic television.

To read the rest of the article, and we think you should, click here

Check out how the Team at Front Burner Marketing uses video below: